Deborah Kafoury is working to make Multnomah County a place that people want – and can afford – to live in with dignity and acceptance. 

Deborah is a seasoned leader who is dedicated to serving the people of our community, which is why she is running a grassroots campaign. With her proven track record as a collaborative and strong leader, she is a dependable neighbor who will fight to make our county a better place for all of us. Learn more about Deborah >>>

Standing Up for Our Community

Deborah is committed to the values we share as a community and as human beings. During a time in which national leaders use fear and hateful rhetoric to divide us as a county, Deborah stood with fellow Multnomah County officials to ensure our neighbors are safe and valued here no matter their race, religion or immigration status.

While our community changed in many positive ways over the last three years, Deborah is focused on tackling our toughest challenges. Too many families in our community are faced with soaring housing costs and meager wages. We must find new, creative ways to help those families make ends meet – and we can only accomplish this if we commit to making affordable housing a top priority.

Perhaps more than ever, we have the opportunity show our state – and our country – what hard-working people can accomplish when they focus on what really matters. We can’t always change what happens in Salem or DC, but we can make a difference here at home.

Select Endorsements

  • Kimberly Howard
    "I support Deborah because of her leadership in rapid rehousing efforts, increased funding for early childhood education, out of school time and mentoring programs for our children."
    Kimberly Howard
    Portland, OR
  • Angela Uherbelau
    "I support Deborah because she's a tireless, fearless champion for Multnomah County and all of us in it."
    Angela Uherbelau
    Portland, OR
  • Lisa Schroeder
    "[Deborah] is competent and capable."
    Lisa Schroeder
    Chef/Owner, Mother's Bistro & Bar
    Portland, OR
  • Charles S. Ramsay
    "She is one of the most wonderful and highly ethical people I have ever known."
    Charles S. Ramsay
    Portland, OR



Newspapers Endorsing Deborah

“Deborah Kafoury has been a steady hand at Multnomah County, consistent but not bold, plugging away at housing and providing services for the homeless.” — Willamette Week, April 25, 2018

“In four years as Multnomah County Chair, Deborah Kafoury accomplished several long overdue projects that had stymied those who’d previously held the office.” — The Oregonian, April 25, 2018

“…Kafoury is capable of leading a progressive agenda, and running a cohesive operation.” — The Skanner, April 26, 2018